Caso Do Medico Anestesista Video Completo Viral On Twitter & Youtube
Caso Do Medico Anestesista Video Completo Viral On Twitter & Youtube

Caso Do Medico Anestesista Video Completo Viral On Twitter & Youtube

Diposting pada– Caso Do Medico Anestesista Video Completo Viral On Twitter & Youtube. According to plainclothes police, the arrest was carried out live by the Women’s Services Department as recorded in the video.

After a health doctor suspected anesthesiologist’s surgery, an agent was called in and recorded it during a caesarean section.

Dr. was identified as Giovanni Quinella Bezerra by special authorities. “Illness suffering from hospital rape,” says lawyer What is the bill trying to limit abortion in Brazil?

According to the news portal G1 who accessed the crime video, he rubbed his penis on the patient’s face and mouth while he was sedated.

Police said Bezela was accused of caring for a vulnerable person. Penalties are 8 to 15 years in prison. In a memo to the G1, Bezerra’s statutory agent at the time said he would speak if he had access to evidence and evidence related to the case.

Later, a lawyer told BBC News Brazil that he had withdrawn from the case and the report had yet to find a new representative for Bezela.

What’s wrong?

According to Rio de Janeiro state police, Bezela was innocent about raping the victim during his childbirth. In the video released by the G1, the patient is unknowingly lying on a stretcher.

The sheet, which is always used in Caesarean section, separates the body and feet. In the photo on the left side of the sheet, you can see the hospital’s surgical team performing a caesarean section.

Meanwhile, to the right of the bed sheets, less than a meter from a colleague, a man identified as an anesthesiologist in the video stands next to the patient’s face.

According to the portal, he opens his pants, pulls out the cock and puts it in the woman’s mouth. According to the portal, the violence should last for 10 minutes.

In the end, he takes a handkerchief, wipes out the victim and hides the traces of the crime. The
video was recorded by a ward nurse and handed over to the police.

4,444 staff members hid their cell phones in the operating room on another occasion, suspicious of the amount of medication used by the anesthesiologist and the movement around the patient during surgery.

According to the G1, hospital staff changed the delivery room to record their actions. On Sunday (October 7th), the doctor performed two more surgeries in a room where he couldn’t hide.

How did this happen?

According to civilian police, the team called to confirm information that anesthesiologists had sedated and abused patients who had a caesarean section.

“Police immediately went to the hospital, doubting the doctor’s attitude and decided to put a mobile device to record what he was doing during surgery,” the company said in a statement. reading.

In his G1 arrest video, doctors learned that Barbara Lomba was shocked to hear and recorded patient harassment.

The bottle of Penang medicine used was confiscated and hospital staff issued a statement at the police station. The investigation aims to determine if a doctor has committed another crime.

Who is the doctor?

According to the State of Rio de Janeiro Health Department, Giovanni Kintella Bezela is an anesthesiologist and is a corporation of the women’s Heroneida Stadat Hospital and two other hospitals in the region (the state hospital of the mother of the mosque and mother) 6 I have been working for a month.

Of Mezquita State Hospital. Jeturio Vargas Hospital. “Doctors are not civil servants,” says the secretariat. Day holds a bachelor’s degree in anesthesiology and maintains regular professional registration.

Policy Da Mulher Hospital will initiate an internal investigation to take administrative action and notify the Regional Medical Council of the State of Rio de Janeiro (Cremerj).

In a statement, Kremerji acknowledged the receipt of the complaint and immediately filed a preemptive proceeding for an immediate suspension from the doctor due to the seriousness of the case.

“Professional ethics procedures have also begun, and the biggest sanctions are withdrawal from vocational practice,” the institute said.

Recruitment, the German Medical Association (CFM) reports that Cremerj will take action in these cases, as required by Brazilian law.

In a memo sent to G1, the physician’s defense stated that he was not given full access to the evidence and evidence raised during the preparation of the warrant in the proceedings.

“The defense also said that when they became fully accessible, they would appear in a complaint against anesthesiologist Giovanni Quintella.”

Then, lawyers went to BBC News Brazil on Monday, he said. He said he no longer represented Bezela in the incident. The report was unable to find a new legal representative for the doctor.

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