Link Jubilee Hills Rape Victim Viral Video On Social Media
Link Jubilee Hills Rape Victim Viral Video On Social Media

Link Jubilee Hills Rape Victim Viral Video On Social Media

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upahminimum.orgLink Jubilee Hills Rape Victim Viral Video On Social Media. which recently stirred up netizens and many of the video links were in a hurry.

Why did jubilee hills rape victim go viral? Come on, find the answer by listening to this review to the end. Because here we will share the information in detail.

And of course in this review we will also provide a video jubilee hills minor girl. Which of course through the keywords that we will provide in this review.

than you are more curious about the information. Below is a brief summary of the information we have obtained from reliable sources.

Viral Video Jubilee Hills Minor Girl

A 17-year-old underage girl was reportedly raped by a group of underage boys in a luxury car in a luxury area of ​​Jubilee Hills in Hyderabad on Saturday, May 28.

Police arrested three people in the case, including two young animals. NDTV reports that some of the arrested were the sons of local leaders of Telangana Rashtra Samithi (TRS). This is a political party in Telangana.

According to NDTV, the boys involved in the crime belong to a “politically influential” family in the city. Boys must belong to the class XI and XII age groups.

The case was revealed after the girl’s father filed a complaint with the Jubilee Hills Police Department on Tuesday, May 31st. At a press conference on Friday night.

Deputy Police Secretary (West Zone) Joel Davis was charged with anger under the relevant section of the Child Protection Act (POCSO) against women’s humility and sexual crimes. , After herself, the girl’s father was complaining.

Because the girl is a minor, she was taken to the “Barosa” support center for women and children in the city police. Her statement was recorded, Davis said.

Based on the girl’s testimony, the case was corrected by calling IPC Section 376D (gangbang) and other relevant sections of the POCSO Act, officials said, and the girl told the accused because you knew nothing.

He added that it could not be identified. He said a team of 4,444 investigators collected and analyzed CCTV footage and other evidence to identify five people.

Police officials said the 18-year-old suspect was arrested on Friday. In the face of that, police have evidence targeting three young people and another 18-year-old, Davis said. He said a 4,444 police team was busy arresting other defendants and would be arrested within 48 hours.

He added that one of the young men was the son of a notable in social circles. In response to the investigation, police officers said MLA’s son was not among the five suspects, based on available evidence. He said the investigation would continue and further action would be taken accordingly.

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The final word

This is a review about Link Jubilee Hills Rape Victim Viral Video On Social Media. Hopefully the above review can reduce your curiosity all.

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